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˙ūProf. G. J. SOMAYAJi, Vidwan M.A; L.T.

Kalaprapurna Hony Dr. (Andhra)

Chairman (Retd) Commission for Scientific and

Technical Terminology Ministry of Education New Delhi

Head of the Dept. of Telugu                                                    PRABHATAW

University (Retd.)                                                           Door No. 16-2-8

formerly                                                                                       Official Colony,


(Academic Sub-Committee)

Board of Governers Telogu Academy

Date : 18-5-82

Sri Vaviiaia Subba Rao garu, M.A; Head of the Telugu

Department Arts College at Amaravathi, is proficient In

Telugu Literary criticism and is also deeply interested In

conducting researches in linguistic studies, in addition to

his teaching and other duties, he has taken great pains In

exairfnlng the Gadaba language spoken in the Srikakulam

and Visakhapatnairs districts. There are two distinct groups

speaking this language. One of them is distinctly Dravidian

while the other has been declared to be Munda.

Sri   Rao   has   collected   the  vocabulary,   sifted   it,

analysed the vocables into the grammatical categories,

separated the root material from the prefixes and suffixes,

and examined its sentence structre, as well. He has separated

the loans from Telugu and the Munda Gadaba, thus

collecting a mass of uncontaminated forms. His work is

rich with examples fully translated into English and useful

for further researches, If any. This deserves publication by

any fingulstc society and I am sure, it will attract the

attention of linguists.